Serif TV Prototype Showdown

Earlier this week my course peers and I attended the screening of Objectified and having been energized by the different designers that appear in the documentary, we set out to create a cardboard prototype of the Bouroullec brothers’ Serif TV.


Samsung Serif TV – design by the Bouroullec Brothers – image (CC) courtesy of designmilk

Notably, the biggest challenge my partner and I faced was to model the serifs that dominate the defiant shape of the TV on fragile brown cardboard. Also, while the use of wood was allowed for the legs, we could foresee that using wood for the legs alone would not suffice to make the prototype as stable as it needed to be to withstand the weight of the cardboard frame.


Different stages of our Serif TV prototype


Final prototype

Accordingly, we decided to build a wooden base to install the legs into and mount the actual TV on top of it for added stability, an idea which regardless of its additional complexity, set us apart from the competition as the winners of the Serif TV Showdown!


Work in progress: Dario (L) and I (R) at the DJCAD workshop

Needless to say, all of this would not have been possible without the DJCAD workshop and the helpful staff, the advice of which helped us realize the wooden base within the time constraints of little more than two hours(!) before the prototype exhibition.